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Azli Paat – Profile

Azli Paat, is a serial entrepreneur and has started and nurtured over several separate businesses in the areas of telecommuniations and IT. Azli’s most recent business is as Founder & VicePresident of DAPAT Vista Sdn. Bhd., a licensed applications service provider involved in the business of providing sms or shortcode messaging for government and private sector in Malaysia. The company was acquired by the public company, Hi-Tech Padu Berhad in 2010.

While at DAPAT Vista Sdn. Bhd., En. Azli founded the service DAPAT, the sms messaging shortcode business operator which owned the 32728 SMS shortcode which has revolutionize the local sms content business with its innovative uses of their services, especially in the government sector. He was also instrumental in the creation of the unified mySMS 15888 sms shortcode for the Malaysian government, which allows seemless messaging across all telcos for the public services in Malaysia. Today, the mySMS service is still extensively being used by over 500 government agencies for their core communications and interface with the Malaysian public.

Azli is founder of the community based service, RAKANCOP™ (or “friends of the police”) a community of over 650,000 registered users which won the award for Best of the Best in 2009 Asian APICTA IT awards. This service has been used in community based police support network similar to neighborhood watch, but utilising mobile sms networks.

He is currently shareholder and Director of new startup ADA Vista Sdn Bhd and ADAcode Systems, a mobile technology marketing company. The company created ADAcode™ mobile marketing technology platform which is revolutionizing how companies will monitor, deliver and advertise their products with the ability to significantly improve tracking & reaching out to their customers.

Azli Paat is an active member of the IT & telecommunications community in Malaysia.

He is the President (2009-2012) of the Malaysian Mobile Content Providers Association and sits on various sub-committees representing the private sector on the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). He is also advisor to Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) as founder for the RakanCop programme.

Since late 1990s, Azli has been a much sought after radio and TV personality. He currently appears daily at 7:30am on Bernama Radio24 “Azli on Air” programme where he shares his insights on the IT world and communications. He also regularly appears local RTM, TV3, local and Astro satellite channels as spokesperson and guest as speaker on various topics relating to telecommunications, internet and IT.

He is an active member of the Red Crescent Malaysia, the local component of the International Red Cross serving as the volunteer unit head of CORE comms team for the Malaysian contingent. Since 2009, he is founder and sponsor of Hamfest Malaysia (now in its 3rd year), an annual gathering of Amateur Radio enthusiasts held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

He has received numerous awards from the Malaysian government and government agencies for his contributions in community services. He is speaker at numerous conferences and serminars sharing his experiences and knowledge in the field of IT and telecommunications. Azli has been featured in various publications, most recently appearing in SUKESS magazine (Feb 2012). He hold a patent in his name for his latest innovative mobile technology marketing platform, ADAcode™.

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